Have you ever wanted to add an elegant stroke to ALL the images in one of your album designs, but dreaded all the work? Adding a stroke to an image is easy enough, but did you know it can also be SUPER QUICK to add the same stroke to multiple images at once?? 

First lets create the initial stroke:

Adding a Stroke to Images in Photoshop


Double Click on one of the template "window" layers to open your "Layer Styles" Box.

Step 2

Select "Stroke" from the list of options located on the left side of the window.

Step 3

Choose your stroke size/position/color from the center of the dialog box then click OK.

Now we're going to copy the cool stroke we just made...

Step 4

Right click on the layer you just applied your new stroke to and choose "Copy Layer Style".

Now all that's left to do is to paste that layer style to all the other image "windows"...

Step  5

Select all the other image "windows" on the page by holding down  your control/command key and clicking each one.

Step  6

Now simply right click on any one of the selected layers and choose "Paste Layer Style". Now your beautiful stroke is applied to every image on the page. Awesome!

*** This technique also works to copy drop shadows, or any other layer effect you've applied to an image, text or object . ***

This Quick Tip was made using a template page from our newest wedding album design, the

Petit fleur 3

It's a gorgeous set of layouts...check it out by clicking the button below!

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